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Thai Wine Association Hosts Its First Masterclass

30 May 2009 – Napalai Ballroom, Dusit Thani Bangkok

The Thai Wine Association (TWA) joined ‘Thailand Sommelier of the Year 2009’ to host the first Thai Wine Masterclass for 100 professional sommeliers from around the country.

Five members of the Thai Wine Association – PB Khaoyai Winery, GranMonte Estate, Village Farm Winery, Siam Winery and Maechan Winery - presented themselves at the whole-day masterclass.

This was the first time that Thai sommeliers have been thoroughly familiarised with a wide range of Thai wines.Each winery came well prepared to present its corporate profile and products, and all participants had the opportunity to taste the wines at the wineries’ individual counters.

All 20 finalists of Thailand Sommelier of the Year 2009 have been invited to the Khaoyai district in October, when the three local wineries (PB Khaoyai Winery, GranMonte Estate and Village Farm Winery) will be hosting a weekend break. This is a rare opportunity for professional Thai sommeliers to extend their knowledge and appreciation of the domestic wine-growing industry.

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Penfolds Wine Masterclass

27 July 2009 – Napalai Ballroom, the Dusit Thani Bangkok

For the past two years, Penfolds – Australia’s most famous wine brand - has played a major role in support of Thailand Sommelier of the Year. This year, Penfolds joined Thailand Sommelier of the Year to host a Penfolds Masterclass in Bangkok. The masterclass included the Thai launch of recent Penfolds Bins, and was attended by 90 professional Thai sommeliers and food & beverage professionals from around the country. The Penfolds Masterclass has given Thai sommeliers a much deeper knowledge of Penfolds wines in general, and the Bins series in particular.

The half-day seminar was presented by Foster’s Asia and hosted by Remon Van de Kirkhof, Sommelier from Magill Estate in Adelaide.

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Bordeaux Wine Masterclass

29-30 July 2009 - Napalai Ballroom, Dusit Thani Bangkok

Absent from Thailand for many years, the CIVB and L'Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux (Bordeaux Wine School) are again active in Bangkok.

On 29 July, a Bordeaux Wine Masterclass was held in conjunction with ‘Thailand Sommelier of the Year’ at the Dusit Thani Bangkok. The masterclass was hosted by Mr Steven Mack, and supervised by CIVB Asia director Mr Thomas Jullien.

50 top sommeliers from around the country, together with 70 wine traders and wine writers, participated in the whole-day seminar and received a certificate of attendance issued by L'Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux.

Later on the same day, L'Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux offered to test participants’ eligibility for an interview leading to a week’s instruction in France. If successful, this will qualify them as Bordeaux wine trainers in their own right.

On 30 July, those participants who had passed the assessment test were invited to sit for their interviews. Those who make it to Bordeaux, and pass the Bordeaux Wine School exam, will become accredited trainers in Bordeaux wine in Thailand.

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Bordeaux L’ECOLE DU VIN Wine Seminar 2010

‘Thailand’s Best Sommelier 2010’ candidates and F&B professionals from around the country attended the half-day Bordeaux L’ECOLE DU VIN wine seminar held on 1 July 2010.

The Bordeaux L’ECOLE DU VIN Wine Seminar was staged in conjunction with the ‘Thailand’s Best Sommelier 2010’ competition at the Dusit Thani Bangkok.

More than 100 sommeliers and F&B professionals from around the country attended the seminar.

The ‘Thailand’s Best Sommelier 2010’ competition was sponsored by SOPEXA.

Other sponsors included Thai Airways, Pommery Champagne and Schott Zwiesel.

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