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Shipping wine for exhibition at BIWF

- Exhibitors will be informed of all necessary details, and the documents they will need to submit

to Customs, prior to the importation of their wine for exhibition in Thailand.


- Exhibitors must send all information and documentation requested by BIWF relating to their wines and any other goods intended for exhibition at BIWF. - BIWF’s appointed agent will quote prices for Customs clearance, import and excise duty (if any), storage and handling charges to exhibitors after we have received the information and documentation as stated above.


- Exhibitors must dispatch wines and any other goods intended for exhibition, to the address of the BIWF appointed agent, with a view to their arrival in Bangkok not later than 1 November 2010. - All shipping and insurance costs are the responsibility of exhibitors.


- Exhibitors must remit all sums invoiced for Customs clearance, import and excise duty (if any), storage and handling charges prior to the dispatch of wines and related goods to BIWF’s appointed agent. The agent will submit an invoice for this purpose.


- Exhibitors are required to send a copy of payment to BIWF for reference purposes and to enable us to track the safe arrival of wines and related goods. - After the BIWF appointed agent has received the goods in Bangkok, they will be stored in a bonded warehouse.


- BIWF’s appointed agent will deliver the goods to the exhibition venue one day before the show. Exhibitors or their representatives will need to be at the venue to check their wines and related goods on arrival.


- BIWF’s appointed agent cannot accept wines that already have an agent/importer for Thailand. Nor can it accept any goods not intended for exhibition in Thailand.


- Please note: If exhibitors wish to enter wines for the BIWF International Wine Challenge, and/or stage wine tastings for public visitors at the fair after trade hours (ie, from 17.00 to 21.30pm) and on the public day (from 10.30am to 21.30pm), they should allow for this in the quantities they send to the exhibition.




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